• Robust by rugged stainless-steel enclosure and compact design
  • High overload capacity
  • Suited for a broad range of application: for aggressive and non-aggressive media as well as for measuring the pressure of liquids, gases and vapors



≤ 0,25 %
 Long-term stability

 ≤ 0,25% / 12 Monate
Measuring range

SITRANS P200: 1 bar to 60 bar gauge
0,6 bar to 16 bar absolute
SITRANS P210: 100 mbar to 600 mbar gauge
SITRANS P220: 2,5 bar to 1000 bar gauge

The portfolio for your process requirements

Every process, every facility, and every environmental constraint brings its own special requirements. For this reason, we have developed SITRANS P pressure transmitters to offer you a complete family of devices with different performances, different capacities, and different materials.

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