Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Chromatograph Fittings

Female Union

Reducing Union


Flange Connector

Integral ANSI Flange Connector

Lapped Flange Connector

Fusible Metal Fitting

End of Tube Plug

Pipe Plug

Port Plug

Tube Stub Plug

Spare Parts

Back Ferrule

Bulkhead Retainer

Front Ferrule


Sure Ring Against Over Tightening

Tube Insert for Nylon or Soft Plastic Tubing

Sub Tube Connector

Adjustable Branch Tee

Adjustable Elbow

Adjustable Run Tee

AN Adapter

Bulkhead Reducer

Female Adapter

Male Adapter (Female ISO Parallel Thread)

Male Adapter (Female NPT Thread)

O-Seal Straight Thread Male Adapter

Port Connector

Reducing Port Connector

SAE/MS Male Adapter

Weld Adapter


Gap Gauge for Gap Inspection

Preswaging Tool

Tee Wrench

Tube Deburring Tools

Tube Marker

Tube To AN Tube

AN Adapter

AN Bulkhead Union

AN Union

Tube to Female Pipe

Bulkhead Female Connector

Female Branch Tee

Female Connector

Female Elbow

Female Run Tee

Gauge Connector

Tube to Male Pipe

45° Male Elbow

Bulkhead Male Connector

Male Branch Tee

Male Connector

Male Connector for Bonded Washer Seal

Male Connector for Metal Gasket Seal

Male Elbow

Male Run Tee

Tube to SAE/MS O-Ring

O-Seal Pipe Thread Connector

O-Seal Straight Thread Connector

SAE/MS 45° Male Elbow (Adjustable)

SAE/MS Male Branch Tee (Adjustable)

SAE/MS Male Connector

SAE/MS Male Elbow (Adjustable)

SAE/MS Male Run Tee (Adjustable)

Tube to Sanitary Flange Fitting

Sanitary Flange Fitting

Tube to Swivel

Swivel Branch Tee

Swivel Elbow

Swivel Reducing Adapter

Swivel Run Tee

Tube to Tube Union

Bulkhead Union

Reducing Union


Union Cross

Union Elbow

Union Tee

Tube to Weld End

Male Pipe Weld Connector

Male Pipe Weld Elbow

Thermocouple Weld Half Union

Thermocouple Weld Union

Tube Socket Weld Connector

Tube Socket Weld Elbow

Weld Half Union

Weld Union