StoneL is the leader in process networking and valve communication for the process industries.

Our mission is to enable you to cut costs and improve performance by adopting field-based networking technology. Because our focus includes both bus networking and field instruments, The StoneL Axiom is a discrete valve communication control device for quarter-turn automated valves. The advanced position sensor offers reliable long-life performance with push-button settings that may be made quickly and conveniently. The integral pneumatic pilot valve offers contemporary features which further enhance the operating performance of your automated valve system.our solution is more complete than anything that has been available before now. And, because of our extensive experience in the process industries, we can respond quickly and effectively to the particular challenges of your plant and process.

We offer highly-reliable, leading-edge field networking and valve communication products and services, superior engineering talent and industry-leading warranties. They're all part of what we mean when we say that at StoneL, we're connecting the process.

To operate at optimum performance all components of your process need to be effectively integrated with your control system. We work with your design team and control systems suppliers to define and create the right communication and control interfaces for your discrete valves.

StoneL offers a full range of monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete valve applications in extreme process environments.

StoneL enables you to take advantage of field-based communication technologies to cut installation and maintenance costs and utilize valve diagnostics. In thousands of applications StoneL has demonstrated installation savings up to  40 percent, improved flexibility, and reduced infrastructure requirements.

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