Barksdale is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids. Barksdale Control Products is a subsidiary of Crane Co. , Stamford, CT, they have the financial resources of a large company with a structure that allows individual customer partnerships. Founded in 1949, Barksdale is based in Los Angeles, CA, and has a manufacturing facility in Reichelsheim, Germany and distributors around the world.

Professional Services
With a standard product line as the base, Barksdale prides itself in supplying specially designed or adapted products to meet customers' specific requirements. A wide range of optional modifications are offered on most of Barksdale's products, allowing you to customize the products to meet your specific application while using standard components. If, however, your requirements go beyond the available modification options, Barksdale's Barksdale Sealed Piston Double Make Double Break Switchengineers are ready to assist, even if your application requires new technologies. For more than fifty years, customers by the hundreds have turned to Barksdale's engineers for custom designed components. The next time you are faced with a difficult, or even an "impossible" problem, call the Barksdale distributor nearest you. For Northern Ontario or Manitoba you can now contact Trans-west Supply to take advantage of Barksdale's Professional Services offering.

Barksdale Products
Throughout the world, Barksdale components can be found in steel mills, on machine tools, in auto plants, in power generation and distribution facilities, in chemical processing plants, in pulp and paper mills, textile mills, amusement parks, and food processing plants, on offshore drilling rigs, in oil and natural gas fields, rescue equipment, and on many forms of transportation equipment, both on- and off-road.

Many industries use a variety of Barksdale's product lines. In agriculture, for example, you'll find Barksdale pressure switches monitoring "center pivot" irrigation systems, while Barksdale temperature switches help maintain optimum growing Barksdale Directional Control Valves with integrated actuatorsclimates in greenhouses. Barksdale valves control the on-off operation of "drip" lines in orchards and vineyards and the water supply in cattle feedlots. In almost every industry, Barksdale control products are at work, helping to build a better tomorrow.

Product quality at the highest level

It is probably our awareness of the problems that face our customers, the fact that we are always on hand to help users, as well as our all-round specialist knowledge that have made the name of Barksdale synonymous with competence and quality in the area of mechanical and electronic control of liquid and gaseous media. We see it as both our mission and obligation to develop tried and tested products that display a high degree of functional safety in daily use.

Whether it be in the field of mechanical or electronic measuring and control, Barksdale products exhibit a high level of quality and reliability.

Quality instead of quantity – and despite this variety in application options

Based in Germany, we have been developing tailor-made and future-orientated solutions for over thirty years. Our name stands for our belief in producing proven product quality and a high level of functional safety.

We have a globally structured sales network that can offer advice on the use of our innovative and market-focused products in the areas of pressure switches, level control, throughput (or flow control), and temperature measuring processes.

Know-how in conjunction with precision

For Barksdale quality in conjunction with innovative products and a professional approach are the guarantee of a positive business development generated by a satisfied customer base.

A fair and honest relationship with our customers and staff as well as an awareness of environmental considerations guide us in our daily decision making.

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