Oseco manufactures the industry's finest high-performance rupture disks, rupture panels and sensors. Oseco also offers transportation and hygienic pressure relief products to provide reliable overpressure protection. In fact, many of our disks have Oseco MVRB (Metal Vent Reverse Buckling) Rupture Panel been rated the highest flow in their category by the ASME National Board. That's because no other company comes close to providing the quality, craftsmanship, technology, and service that have made Oseco the industry choice.

We don't give you generic answers – every Oseco solution is custom engineered for your specific application. Oseco delivers unmatched precision with our in-house five-axis laser, while our advanced laser technology provides tighter tolerances and faster deliveries.

"A novel one-piece rupture disk and sensor that simplifies installation and provides sanitary pressure relief protection and notification in the most demanding applications.

Oseco combines a bursting disk and sensor into a single assembly, eliminating additional tri-clamp ferrules needed to install a separate sensor.

The Oseco FLCOS is a combination rupture disk and sensor that is easy to install and fits between standard ANSI flanges.When the disk bursts, the sensor's circuit is broken, triggering activation of an alarm on Oseco's BDA module, or comparable alarm system.

With quick alarm detection, bursting disks can be replaced and overpressure situations corrected with a minimum of process downtime.

The design of the S-Pro-S (not shown) is ideal for use in sanitary services.

Placement of the sensor and disk scoring on the vent side present a smooth surface to the process, minimizing product build up." >>More see Engineeringtalk.com

For more information about Oseco rupture disks, rupture panels or sensors, please Contact The technical sales team at Trans-West Supply or visit www.oseco.com.