Limitorque valve control solutions have been making control easier at the field-device level for over 80 years. Limitorque actuators drive multi-turn and quarter-turn industrial valves and dampers, day after day, year after year, using conventional and advanced technologies to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies for customers.

The team-drive commitment behind Limitorque valve control solutions has devised state-of-the-art applications, for example, the MX™ and QX electronic valve actuators, with their easy-to-use human interface and a choice of ten languages. Open-standards-based DDC (either with or without master station gateways), Foundation Fieldbus H1 to IEC 1158-2, and Profibus to EN 50170 network technologies are used to connect to virtually all PC, PLC, and DCS-based automation systems. When viewed via their respective DTM (Device Type Manager) tools the fieldbus protocols expand Users diagnostic flexibility and increase productivity.

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