The Final Step In Process Control

Process driven industries such as power generation, water treatment, paper manufacturing and petroleum refining are major underpinnings of today's standard of living. Rexa is at a crossroads for such enterprises. Management continues to strive for reduced costs, while the public and government demand a cleaner environment and preservation of natural resources. Improvement in control is the only path to meet these conflicting requirements.

Rexa Filter ValveElectronic instrumentation and digital computing have made their contributions to the control loop. Rexa believes that further improvements in process control can only be performed at the final control element. The solution is entirely dependent on the dynamics and response of the actuator. Unfortunately, improved operation from traditional process controller designs is rare.

REXA's Electraulic Actuation is different and can bring incrementally enhanced performance to the final process control element and increased efficiency to the process.

Commonly people think of an actuator installed on a valve or a drive on a damper. The unique capabilities of Electraulic Actuation shatter this constraint. Any application involving precise positioning can benefit. If you are unfamiliar with Rexa's products and capabilities, a good starting point would be to visit the Rexa INDUSTRY journals to review what has already been accomplished in your particular area.

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REXA manufactures micro-processor based self-contained electro-hydraulic actuatorsREXA combines hydraulic, electronic and mechanical technologies to achieve state-of-the-art actuator design. The heart of our Electraulic Actuation is the patented Flow Match System. This technically-advanced hydraulic circuit controls internal pressure independent of the magnitude and direction of the applied load. The result is better process control through smooth motion, exact positioning and instantaneous response.

Available in Linear, Rotary and Drive configurations, REXA's two models, Xpac and Mpac, can fulfill virtually any positioning application. Product versatility, custom mounting and digital calibration eliminate the nightmare of retrofit installations. The complete details of Electraulic Actuation can be found under Theory of Operation , located in The REXA Literature Room .

Rexa's range of actuators and drives is extensive. The standard model number best illustrates this capability. Rated output, stroke or rotation, power modules and failure mode upon loss of electric power are described in their number system. Charts they provide represent the standard sizes. Larger thrusts, torques and strokes are available. Please contract Trans-West Supply if you require further information.


An important selection criterion for any actuator is operating speed. This is determined by the rated output and power module. Various combinations are available to provide the most economical unit to meet a specific application. Speed charts are contained in the individual product bulletins or in TM1-Xpac TM1-Mpac .

The type of control presents a convenient starting point to differentiate the product offerings: MODULATING , PULSE SIGNAL OR MANUAL PUSHBUTTONS , TWO POSITION , EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (ESD)

To augment actuator operation, see REXA's list of Optional Equipment .