Onyx Valve

How Onyx Valve got started

A major pinch valve manufacturer in South Jersey was bought out by a multi-national corporation which subsequently closed the operation in 1994.

Six former employees of this company started Onyx Valve Co. on May 1, 1995.

Onyx pinch valve with rubber flangeSince then Onyx Valves customers have made them the fastest growing pinch valve company in the world.

Products: Onyx Valve Co. designs and manufactures:

  • Onyx Pinch Valves from 1/2" through 24"
  • Pneumatic actuators up to 30" diameter
  • Pressure Isolator Rings from 1/2" through 30" diameter
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
  • Expansion Joints from 1" through 24"
  • Electronic controls related to fluid handling applications


All Onyx Valve products are designed and manufactured in Cinnaminson, NJ using the most current technology. All Onyx Pinch Valves (rubber pinch valve sleeves shown above) are made in-house to their exact specifications by the most experienced molders in the industry.

Each rubber worker follows an exact step-by-step recipe for every sleeve detailed in their sleeve cook-books, using the best raw materials available. This provides Onyx Valves customers with the best sleeve life in the industry.

Every sleeve is compression-molded during the vulcanization process. The tolerance on Onyx sleeves is +/- 0.005 inches on the wall thickness from end-to-end. This unmatched level of precision produces sleeves that consistently provide superior life under the harshest conditions.

Onyx Valve - Full Round Dual Pinch Enclosed Construction Hand Operated Onyx Valve Company does all machining in-house using the most modern machines. Every valve component is designed and manufactured to machine- tool tolerances. In addition to fabricating all our valves and Iso-Ring components in-house, we also design and fabricate all the molds for our rubber components in-house as well.

For more information about Onyx Pinch Valves and other creative products from The Onux Valve Company, please contact the sales staff at Trans-West Supply or visit www.onyxvalve.com