The Clarkson Company designs and manufactures equipment used in slurry handling (processing of suspended solids in a liquid medium known generally as slurries), or in some industries, more commonly referred to as paper pulp. The basic markets for Clarkson slurry valvesClarkson slurry system products are in the mining, power, and pulp & paper industries. Other growth areas include industrial scrubber systems, wastewater treatment systems, and industrial process water systems.

Valves designed for slurry handling require a unique blending of precision and ruggedness. To meet these requirements, The Clarkson Company has developed the most efficient manufacturing facility of its kind and staffed it with dedicated and highly skilled engineering design and production personnel.

Clarkson's modern factory is a process-oriented manufacturing facility. Forecast-driven product flow through machining cells maximizes throughput and efficiency by eliminating bottlenecks and minimizing work-in-process inventory.

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