Technova SST Stainless Steel Sight Glasses

Technova SST Stainless Steel Sight Glass with Flanges

Technova SST 1.4408 (CF-8M), type FD, with flanges

Technical Data:

  • Sizes: DN15 - DN100
  • Flanges according to DIN PN10/16
  • Face to face according to EN 558-1 range 1
  • Bodies/covers: SS casting 1.4408, 1.4404
  • Glass paltes: borosilicate according to DIN 7080
  • Gaskets: C-4400 asbestos-free and PTFE-T(mod.)
  • Buttwelding ends according to EN 12627

Operating Conditions:

  • Pressure 1 mbar (0.014 psi) up to 16 bar (232 psi)
  • Temperature -40C (-40F) up to +300C (+572F)


  • Metal reinforced glass plates or quartz glasses
  • FEP glass protection shield
  • Visual flow indicator for gasses (PTFE ribbon)
  • Flanges with groove
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