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Badger's Recordall Disc Series meters provide reliable, accurate performance
Recordall® Compound Series meters combine two Recordall® metering systems in one innovative package
Explosion proof indicators can be located almost anywhere in your plant.
Our Classic Fire Hydrant Meter is the nucleus for three Badger® metering products.
Select the Recordall Fire Series assembly when the fire service main is also to be used for supplying water for secondary services, such as drinking fountains and general purpose plumbing fixtures.
The fire series meters were developed to protect water utilities from unauthorized use of water from fire service lines.
The RCDL Disc Meter combines the accuracy of positive displacement design with the reliability and economy of nutating disc technology.
With its rugged design, the Industrial Turbo Meter can withstand the toughest flow conditions. This meter is ideally suited where continuous service and minimal maintenance are required.
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