Valve Communication

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Stonel Position transmitters provide a precise 4 to 20 mA signal on a two wire DC loop.
Position Indicator for Series II Valve Reliable valve position feedback for Series II valve
The Dual Module VCT integrates position sensing, communication electronics, power outputs, auxiliary inputs and wire termination into a fully epoxy sealed compact package.
Maxx-Guard Reed Switches - available in SPST. These hermetically sealed proximity switches are ideal for computer input circuits. SPST is ideally suited for 24 VDC or 120 VAC inputs. Optional LED indication brightly displays switch status.
The dual module integrates two separate sensor circuits and solenoid wire terminations in an epoxy sealed module. Sensor circuits are available in either SST switching or Namur outputs. Each SST sensor circuit and each Namur sensor circuit are electrically isolated. Although they are packaged together they operate independently.
Solid state SST proximity sensors are ideal for use in AC and DC computer input circuits.
StoneL’s Eclipse features dual integrated solid state sensors with optional communications integrated into a sealed module. The function module and trigger/indicator attach directly to standard VDI/VDE 3845 (Namur) actuator accessory mounting pads quickly and conveniently. The Eclipse series is available in a nonincendive version (ECN) for hazardous division 2 areas and in a general purpose micro connector version (ECG) for non-hazardous applications.
The solid state Hawkeye sensor is ideal for point sensing in corrosive and hazardous process environments. The standard Red/Green LEDs also speed your setup and installation by confirming power up and switch status. The Hawkeye is FM and CSA approved for nonincendive applications and intrinsically safe circuits in hazardous areas.