Manual Valves

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Jamesbury brand, Series 6F ball valve's 2-piece, full port, threaded configuration and 1000psi pressure rating make it an ideal choice for applications requiring tight shutoff and maximum flow.
Flanged Ball Valves
Solid reliable Jamesbury brand Ball Valves
Neles brand Ball Valves (Flanged) Manual ball valves with metal seats.
Ideal for very abrasive, viscous, and corrosive fluids such as waste water, chemicals, mine slurries, dry cement, pulp stock, powder and pellets.
For special services, Tyco Valves and Controls offers a range of special valves to offer safe, fast and economical solutions. Sampling systems for obtaining representative samples from process pipelines and reactors, lined sight glasses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, custom fabricated knife gate and slide gate valves, large diameter valves, all are within Tyco’s design and manufacturing capabilities.
TORQ-HANDLE® spring-return handles offer reliable, automatic opening and closing of manual valves in a piping system. Remains in position as long as it's held firmly by hand. Returns to predetermined position when released. Also available with fusible or electro-thermal links.
Recognized as experts in the field of liquid sampling and corrosion resistance, the Technova SAFESAMP product line offers sampling valve solutions for virtually any liquid process.