Linear Control Valve

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The Series V817 control valve is designed specifically for use in 'cold box' applications.
D/R Series actuators are linear spring diaphragm pneumatic actuators designed for reliable operation of rising stem control valves.
The ND800 Valve Controller is suitable for quarter-turn and globe valves, and upgrades the performance of control valves so that they provide better control accuracy and reliability.
Chemline Plastics Limited markets and distributes a complete range of valves, piping, flow meters and controls, all of solid plastic construction, for the industrial market. Applications include a wide variety of corrosive and high purity fluids as well as water. Materials of construction are PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF ("Kynar") Teflon, ECTFE ("Halar") and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).
REXA manufactures micro-processor based self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators and drives that provide superior performance in demanding applications.
The Series V701 is a single-seated, post-guided, angle valve with a flange-retained outlet, venturi seat ring.
The V800/801 Series is a double-seated, top and bottom guided globe-style valve with screwed-in seat rings.