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The EnviroRanger/SITRANS LUC500 is a complete, cost-effective system for monitoring and control in water distribution and wastewater collection systems.
Non-contacting, cost-effective solution for reliable control of level and flow measurements in water and wastewater applications.
Ultrasonic interface measurement for waste water primary clarifiers
MiniRanger Plus: non-contacting ultrasonic level meter for simple applications. Measurements for a range up to 15 m for liquids.
Powerful and reliable ultrasonic level meter for use in numerous applications including level, flow, volume, and differential, with materials such as fuel oil, waste materials, acids, or products with high angles of repose.
SITRANS LU for measuring ranges up to 60 m with bulk solids and liquids. Automatic conversion of level into volume for standard or custom tank shapes
Compact level transmitter with integrated transducer for accurate level measurements for liquid applications.
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