Flow Sensors

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4-digit quantity preset register, 6-digit, resettable drum-type counter and 8-digit, non-resettable drum-type totalizer.
Operating limits -DN 25 (1“), rated flow rate 100 l/min (26.5 USgpm) -DN 50 (2“), rated flow rate 500 l/min (132 USgpm)
All components of the meters are made of wear-resistant materials. Several materials are available for the parts which come into contact with the metered liquid
The Oseco FLCOS is a combination rupture disk and sensor that is easy to install and fits between standard ANSI flanges. Numerous models available contact Trans-West sales
The SITRANS F I flap flowmeter is used to check and display the flow of liquids in closed pipelines. The device can be optionally fitted with an inductive contact for remote transmission of switching points.
The SITRANS F I Gardex flowmeter is a robust device for measuring and monitoring the flow of liquid and gaseous media in any flow direction.
Electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) are suitable for measuring the flow of almost all electrically conducting liquids, including sludges, pastes and slurries
The SITRANS F M electromagnetic flow sensors 711/D and 911/D are particularly suitable for use in the food industry.
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