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For monitoring of water or steam ingress is a fundamental process requirement. In sulphuric acid applications it is essential that there is no moisture content in the process gas to avoid problems of internal corrosion at the heat exchangers and economizers. The acid dewpoint reading gives warning of plant leaks and allows repair before corrosion damage can occur.
Emerald is a highly flexible and fully configurable data acquisition and reporting system for continuous emissions monitoring systems.
Opacity and dust compliance monitors, which meet or exceed US EPA requirements in 40CFR60 Sections 13, 17 and App. B PS1 and T UV approved.
State-of-the-Art microprocessor based and easy to use pH Analyzer.
Large Industrial design with built-in ruggedness and long life needed by industry. Heavy duty body protects cushion mounted electrodes for impact resistance, with sealed encapsulated leads to keep moisture out.
Available in weatherproof/explosion proof junction boxes, IC CONTROLS industrial pH interfaces reduce electrical interference and moisture problems and can interface to any make of analyzer.